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  • My Website Needs... Launching

    Starting your own business is daunting, but launching a website to show off your new product or service needn’t be. Read more >
  • My Website Needs... Improving

    If your website needs improving or needs additional functionality such as selling online or advanced online forms, I can help. Read more >
  • My Website Needs... Maintaining

    From website backups and updating WordPress and plugins, to posting on your behalf, I’ve got a maintenance plan for you. Read more >
  • My Website Needs... Rescuing

    I can help you if you have a website emergency such as a 502 error or your website is offline. Read more >

Website Services

Pick and Mix your website service package

Website Design and Build

I design and build any website type, including specialist websites such as blogging websites and e-Commerce websites.

Business Branding

I can help you with branding, from choosing colours and logo design, letter headed paper, business cards through to website branding.

Website Build Only

Have you got the artistic flair and already drawn what you'd like your website to look like? I can bring your website design to life.

Content and Blog Writing

Need website content? Tell me about your business and I can write your content for you. I can also write regular blog posts.

Blogging Websites

Blog websites are becoming ever more popular with bloggers earning money from their websites. Enhance your blog with me.

e-Commerce Websites

Do you have producs you can sell online? I can design and build all types of e-Commerce online web shops for your business.

Website Improvement

If your website is outdated, I can modernise it with new colours and functionality as well as making it responsive for mobile users.

Additional Functionality

Interactive things like online forms, questionnaires, customer areas and free downloads keep users engaged.

Website Redesign

Need your website updating or are you rebranding? Let me invigorate your website with a brand new look and feel.

Responsive Websites

All websites I write are responsive for mobile, tablet and notebook. I can also edit your website to make it responsive.

Website Accessibility

If you have a public sector website you need to comply with accessibility laws for impaired users, inluding deaf and sight impaired.

Speed Up Website

Slow websites are down ranked by Google. I can speed up your website through making changes on your website and hosting.

Website Maintenance

I offer website maintenance packages which can include backups, WordPress and plugin updates, and content changes.

Website Security

As a specialist in securing WordPress websites, I can add extra security and also update WordPress and plugins monthly.

Emergency Website Repair

Have you made a mistake on your site, do you have WordPress white screen, or a dreaded 503 error? I can help you get back online.

Website Backups

Daily or weekly database or full website backups can be taken and a 1-hour backup restore service is also available.

Blog and Social Posting

On holiday or just too busy? Let me post your blog posts and social media posts for you. I can even write posts if needed.

SSL Certificates

Not only does Google down rank you for not having an SSL Certificate, but users now look for the green lock when using websites.

Google Analytics

Everyone wants to know their Google search performance. I can add Google Analytics to your website and produce monthly reports.

Search Engine Optimisation

I find websites with the best SEO are ones with it built in from the start. I can help build strong, well ranking websites.

Social Media Posts

I can post on your behalf on sites like Facebook or Twitter, or can set up WordPress to automatically post for you.

Emergency repair

Is your website down? Contact me today and I can help you get your website back online again.

Fix My Website!

Has your website got a 503 error or have you broken your website with a WordPress or theme update? Don't worry, I can help!

Wordpress Backup Restore

Do you have a backup for your WordPress site but cannot restore from it? Send it to me and I can get your website back online.

Website Services in Action

A selection of projects from Blogging to e-Commerce