Who is Jordon?

Jordon first came to me when he had just handed in his notice at Money Saving Expert. He had been working for them for a number of years as a money saving blogger after acheiving fame in his own right as a teenager when he bought £600 of food for just 4p with supermarket coupons and donated it to disadvantaged families. He had decided it was time for him to go freelance and needed his website redesigning.

What did Jordon want?

Jordon already had some content on his site but it had been effectively dormant since he started work at Money Saving Expert. He only had a few stipulations for his website redesign: it needed to be clean, easy to navigate, have an intro section, have large icon blocks and rank well in Google.

The build begins

We looked for a theme together as I knew how important this was for Jordon and we agreed on using this theme for him. I began on building the site, designing his intro section and made sure I included his icons. Putting them on his homepage or in the header was too busy and cumbersome so I opted to write him a menu with them in.

How is his website doing now?

Since its launch on 1st January 2020, his website has ranked very well in Google, not only due to me building in foundation SEO as I went along, but also due to Jordon’s fantastic, ever changing content. He’s already hitting the session threshold on Google Analytics to be able to sign up to further income sources, so the new website is certainly working well for him.

What does Jordon say?

“I was recommended to Sally as someone who could help me create the perfect website for my new business – I was not disappointed. From the start, Sally was so easy to work with. Most of our work was conducted over Whats App – which was a much nicer and personable working relationship. Any questions I had, I was always able to send over a quick message, which is something you wouldn’t get with bigger companies.

I’m really happy with the new website, and all the little touches Sally added were perfect. I’ve been using the website admin everyday since and everything is running smoothly. Her SEO tips helped me get to the top of Google for a key search term – bagging me 5,000 extra page views in the first month.

If you’re looking for a new website or a redesign, I highly recommend Sally to get you sorted.”

Why not pay Jordon a visit at jordoncox.com?