Website Improvements

My Website Needs… Improving

For bloggers, businesses or self employed people who may already have a website, I offer a range of services to help improve your existing website. You could have an old website which needs modernising and updating, maybe you’ve had someone design your website but not happy with the final finish, or you need some help achieving a better SEO ranking in Google.

Wordpress Website Redesign

My Website Needs… Redesigning

If you already have a website which is in need of updating, we can look to change the theme on an existing WordPress site, or move your site into WordPress from the format it’s in. As your content is already there and readily available, it keeps costs down and means I can build your new website quickly. If a new website or theme isn’t required, I am able to make styling changes to update your site without changing any of the foundation or functionality of your site.

If you are bored of your website’s current WordPress theme or you have seen ones you like which have additional functionality, I can update your theme with your new chosen one. This will include not only setting up your new theme, but making sure the plugins are compatible and replacing them if required.

Fast WordPress Websites

My Website Needs… Speeding Up

Slow websites are quite common and there are lots of ways that I can help you speed it up. Depending on your hosting some speed optimisations may be unavailable but we can look at those and move to a new hosting provider if necessary. Your website speed will impact your Google search ranking and SEO results so it is a good idea to look at optimising your website for speed.

Accessibility Websites

My Website Needs… to be Accessible

If your website is tailored to be aimed towards people with disabilities, you may want to consider making your site more accessible. There are rules and regulations to follow on alternative image names for screen readers as well as making sure all text is easily readable. Website accessibility can be something which is incorporated into your main site or can be a button for someone to turn it on and off. I can make your website compliant to any level of WCAG standard.

Functional Websites

My Website Needs… Additional Functionality

If you have a standard website and want to add additional functionality such as e-commerce (online selling), booking restaurant tables online, advanced forms, event calendars including booking or anything else you can think of, I will be able to help you. With an existing WordPress website I can add the new functionality or I can move your existing website to WordPress and integrate the new features.