Emergency Website Support

My Website Needs… Emergency Repair

If you suddenly find that your website is down, you have the dreaded WordPress “white screen of death”, or your website is broken in some way, you can come to me to help get your website back online. I offer an immediate emergency website service during working hours for new and existing customers, and an out of hours service for existing customers.

Wordpress Restore

My Website Needs… Restoring

After making your own website backups, you may find that you need to restore it and are unable to do so. I can take your website backup and restore it back onto your host within a few hours. You do not need to be a current customer to take advantage of my emergency website backup restore service, but I do recommend signing up to one of my website maintenance services to prevent you needing to restore from a backup again.

Fix WordPress Website

My Website Needs… Fixing

If you’ve got a website which just doesn’t look right, something is broken, or when you look on a device, everything is in the wrong place or not responsive, I can fix it. Simply make a list of everything that’s wrong with your website and I can fix all of your website issues. If you are a monthly website maintenance customer, then website fixes like these will be included in your pre-paid time. Alternatively I can make your website amendments on a pay as you go basis.

Website Domains

My Website Needs… Domain Renewal

If your website goes down or offline, it could be because your domain hasn’t renewed. I can help you get your website back online with your current domain provider. Moving forward, taking up one of my website maintenance services which includes domain renewals will mean your website will not go offline again in the future.